Blog de fotografía de Javier Rodríguez Ros


I present to you with affection my first photography blog, wp_water_stories.

For some time I had been thinking about this idea: to tell through my photos the stories about water that I am encountering along the way. Real stories of conflicts, cooperation, events, curiosities or simply descriptions of topics linked to water that are of great value to me.

In the blog entries I will share images of rivers, lakes, springs, oceans and waterfalls, but also of irrigation, fountains, dams, wells and people. All of them contain stories of a technical, sentimental, cultural or vindictive nature that I will support with some texts. Although the spirit of this blog is not to present complete cases in a journalistic way, but rather to share diverse and personal stories through artistic and documentary photography, any debate on the topics I will touch is more than welcome.

In some cases, like the one in the first blog post, I will collaborate with activists who carry out important tasks of social complaint about injustices suffered by the most marginalized. Very often peasants, women and men from rural areas who have direct contact with water sources and suffer the consequences of an unstoppable dispossession, that of water and the territories that give access to it.

I hope you enjoy the blog as much as I do building it, that it may allow to know different realities and that it contributes to foster reflection about water in our lives. With that objective, I say goodbye and I invite you to visit my first entry, “The inhabited páramo”.



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